Welcome to Jasper Sunrise Village Assisted Living

Jasper Sunrise Village has become a residence of choice for typical assisted living services. Located in the city of Jasper, MN, the "Village" is situated on a scenic site at the edge of the city.

The lifestyle enjoyed by Jasper Sunrise Village residents present opportunities for personal growth, within an active and engaging community. Through activities designed to encourage participation and interaction with peers, Jasper Sunrise Village enhances each individual's physical, emotional, and mental well being.

Residents thrive in the home-like residential setting, with added security of knowing that services, including a registered nurse during the day, and other staff are available 24 hours a day. Our care team and management staff share a passion for promoting the independence and wellness of each resident. A strong sense of caring fosters a warm and pleasant atmosphere where quality is paramount in all we do.

Jasper Sunrise Village is registered with the Minnesota Department of Health as a housing with services establishment. It is licensed with the Minnesota Department of Health as an Assisted Living Home Care Provider. Jasper Sunrise Village is owned and managed by the Jasper Economic Development Authority.